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Boys Equipment

Boys Field Player Equipment

Required Equipment

  1. Helmet*
    Statement/seal indicating it meets NOCSAE lacrosse standard performance specification and SEI certified.
  2. Field Players Stick **
    Between 40 - 42" overall length.
  3. Gloves
    Hand should fit snuggly into the glove.
  4. Shoes ***
    Athletic cleats or athletic shoes (no metal cleats).
  6. Arm Pads
    The elbow should be properly and completely covered. At the youth level pads which protect more of the forearm and bicep are better than less protection.
  7. Should Pads
    Covers top of shoulder, collarbone & sternum.
    Should fit comfortably; adjust by loosening/tightening straps.
    NOTE: NOCSAE ND 200 compliant shoulder pads will be mandatory as of January 1, 2022.
  8. Mouthguard
    Must be visible color other than clear or white.
    Self-molding (from manufacturers) or custom-molded (from dentist).

Rib pads are optional. They should cover the ribs and kidneys and fit comfortably, not restricting breathing.

Boys lacrosse field player equipment


Visit the USA Lacrosse equipment page for information about certifications and helmet fitting guides. The SEI web site has a list of certified helmets and Commotio Cordis Protectors chest/shoulder pads.

* The team makes a bulk purchase in conjunction with the high school team. We are able to purchase better helmets for less than retail. If you want to purchase a helmet on your own, try to get black (white is OK). Also be aware that helmets are certified for three years, unless they have been refurbished.

** Defensive players can use crosses between 52 and 72 inches long. Before spending money on a defensive stick (long pole) check with your coach.

*** There are "Lacrosse" cleats on the market, but any athletic cleat will work well for youth players. If you don't get lacrosse cleats, we suggest football cleats, over soccer cleats, because football cleats have the toe stud.

Goalies need different equipment. Please ask your coach for more information.
Last Updated: February 4, 2023

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